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MMLV RT - (Nov/18/2008 )

Mooloney? Murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase: does anyone know how much of Cytosines does this enzyme add after finishing reverse transcription. Clontech uses a 5' Adaptor with GGG. İnvitrogen with 8 or something to the superscript II (Abridged adaptor)

Well does mmlv of promega add more than 3 C.


This is an excerpt from;DISPLAY=DESC

"EXAMPLES Example 1: Synthesis of the cDNA with complementary ends MMLV reverse transcriptase (RT) has the ability to add cytosine residues to the 3'end of newly synthesized cDNAs upon reaching 5'-end of the mRNA template.

Usually 2-4 cytosine residues are added, depending on the reaction conditions. mRNA is purified using standard methods that prevent RNA degradation.

If you need more specific info, to contact Promega:

Customer Service: 800-356-9526
Tech Support: 1-800-356-9526
Fax Number: 800-356-1970
Web Site:


That wipo site.. very helpful.