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tagging of gene with GUS gene - (Nov/14/2008 )

I want to express LIN 6 gene under the control of Hsp promoter.I tagged my gene with GUS(1kb) fragment.Will this effect my gene function after transcription.Because my cassette order is like this from left to right Hsp, LIN6 gene, GUS and terminator.My question is after cassete transcription will GUS affects my gene expression or not ?. Please help me in this issue,because i am new to this type of work.
Thanks in advance.



It looks to me that you're trying to do a GUS-fusion experiment to localise your LIN6 protein. Is this right?
In theory, GUS shouldn't affect the transcription or translation of your protein, but sometimes GUS can be post-transcriptionally cleaved, in which case you won't be able to see any colour. However, this is not so common, so don't worry about it at this stage. You will also need to use a selectable marker (i.e. resistance to some antibiotic).
Hope this helps!