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Does somebody use AvrII - Help (Oct/26/2004 )

One plasmid contains two AvrII sites. I can not digest it by AvrII. But this plasmid can be digested by BamHI, BssHII, SacI, PspXI. The AvrII is new stock just bought from NEB, and Buffer2 was used. Does somebody else has experience about this enzyme?


just wondered if you found the answer to the AvrII problem you were having, as having a similar problem myself?


I used AvrII recently, bought from NEB. I didn't have any problems with it.


This was fresh from NEB as well, but i have found i need to add an excess of enzyme and leave overnight to digest completely...problem solved biggrin.gif


That's right. We oftenly perform double digest BamHI/AvrII. Just double the amount of avr and let digest for three hours. cool.gif