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promotor isolation - through chromosome walking (Nov/11/2008 )

Hi all,

I have isolated the cDNA sequence (almost complete cDNA seq) of the gene and now, I need someone to suggest me for designing primer using the known sequence(isolated cDNA seq) so as to isolate promotor of that gene.

thanks a million times


So my friend, I suppose that u have obtained the cDNA sequence of target gene of interest.

Firstly, u may use online BlAST software to compare your cDNA sequence with the genomic DNA sequence of target gene, then you could infer a construction of exons and introns of your target gene. Thirdly, you could avail online promoter analysis software to predict its starting point ahead of start coden. Last, you could design a set of primers to ampify those predicted promoter region...... cool.gif


thanks a lot...
Can U link me to the best prmoter analysis software tool that U are aquainted with