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Protocol for frozen CPDA blood isolation of haemoglobin - Need help! (Nov/11/2008 )

I need to find a protocol how to isolate haemoglobins from erytrocyte fraction of -196 C frozen cord-blood with CPDA and 9% DMSO. The sample has been deep frozen for two years.

We need to isolate the erytrocyte fraction first and then isolate haemoglobins for electrophoresis.
I have questions:
1) Is it even possible to thaw the sample without disrupting the erythrocytes?

2) We can separate fractions on ficoll, but woudn't the DMSO tamper with isolation in any way?

We have only one shot, any help would be deeply appreciated.


you need to get it right the first time. Best people regarding frozen cord blood are the cord blood storage facilities there are plenty of sites on the internet and facilities is a big business. Or hospital blood bank. That would be one source for info.

Good luck.