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primer design software - primes for full lenth gene (Nov/09/2008 )


Ive used primer 3 in the past to design primers to check for gene expression. Can anyone suggest me a website which assist in designing primers for the full length sequence? Pimer 3 autoimatically designs primers and does not allow you to set teh criteria for primers for teh coding region alone. E.g whant to deisgn primers for my gene which has eh cds from 155-955bp.



Set the target and excluded regions in Primer3 to tell it where your primers must be. Or set the same setting in Primer3Plus.


Now take a try about a newer one, Premier 5.0. It may have better functions as u desire.



As HomeBrew said, set the targets and excluded regions and set product size ranges to fit your needs. Primer 3 can certainly do what you need, it has many options, just read the Help.