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PCR efficiency? - (Nov/07/2008 )

I have got problems with pcr efficiency. I´m not quite sure if the problem is that i have got miRNA enriched fractions instead of total rna or if the cDNA dilutions of the microRNA shouldn't be stored at 4° for longer than a few days > degradation problem or if it is just a pipet problem.
Anybody has experienced similar problems?
Thank you for any suggestion.


I'd suggest looking into PCRboost. Its a product I found that really helps my PCR reactions. Its from a company called Biomatrica. Not sure if it will help you with your problem, but at least look into it. It definitely helped me with mine!


-Austin J.-

Thanks for your reply. Maybe it wasn´t clear, but I use real time pcr, and I think the product shouldn´t be used for it, i found this in the product description: >PCRboost® is a reagent that enhances end-point or reverse transcription-PCR<. Anyway, I didn´t know something like that exists, so thank you for your information.


I've never stored my samples at 4oC, except when they are on ice for a short period of time. I always store them at -20 and it seems to be fine.

-miRNA man-