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explaination of flow cytometry histogram - urgent need (Nov/06/2008 )

i have got a straight line in the result scatter histogram instead of a clump like plotting. anyone know what is that means?


only a few events?
check your gating region...


the histogram did look like there was only small number of cell, but i set the gate events to 10000. it just the represent the slow flow rate, isn't it?

p.s.thanks for replying my question


does the line go from lower left to the upper right corner of the pane?
If so, you've got your axes mixed. or you have the same one on both axes. i.e. forward scatter on both x and y axes.
Or FL-1 on both.
I've always found that successful FACS is 99% good setup on the parameters. If you don't set up the the parameters right you won't get useful data.


perhaps U could upload the graph for us to have a look.

-Bungalow Boy-