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protein on membrane - (Nov/02/2008 )

hi..i know it's just a stupid question..but for the kindhearted one, if anybody can tell me how long protein can be remain on the membrane before it goes detection process? i want to try wet system for western blotting, however, it's quite hard to find it nowdays, since everybody are using semi-dry system..i've found the system in other place which is not easy for me to go there. so i need to know from the expertized, the 'life' of protein band on membrane..because i hope that i can prob the protein at my own lab..and also, how appropiate do i store the membrane+protein..if anybody can help me... sad.gif



U can just store ur membrane in PBS or TBS buffer at 4C.

if u want to know if something had happened to ur protein, u can use ponceau red and see the protein band is still on the membrane.