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coating coverslips with Poly D Lysine for ICC - How many hours/minutes would be sufficient? (Nov/01/2008 )

Hi all,

I made a 0.3% Poly D lysine working solution in PBS and coated my coverslips with it for 10 min, washed 2 times with PBS and then left them under laminar flow to dry for 2 hours before seeding my cells.

we usually infect our cells with a virus and after infection our cells usually lift up due to apoptosis, so we decided to use Poly D lysine to attach the cells better to the coverslips. we were hoping to see less detachment of cells even after apoptosis, but still they lift up and float in the medium.

do i need to make a higher concentration of Poly D lysine? or just coat them for more hours or over night?


you may increase the concentration of Poly D lysine to 1-2%.

I use 2% for coating slides.

-Minnie Mouse-