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treating dialysis bag with EDTA - (Oct/29/2008 )

I treated my dialysis bag(tube) with boiling distillled water for 35 min and used it for purification of my protein from histide and sorbate impurities. now I have found out that dialysis bag(tube) needs to be treated with EDTA to remove heavy metals from it. sad.gif

I wonder how and to what extent this may affect my experiments? any idea about the amount of heavy metals in dialysis bag? any way to detect the presence of this heavy metals in the dialyzed solution?

anyway to removw this heavy metals from the dialyzed solution?


You could change the treatment water after the boiling step, on the assumption that the heavy metals will stay in the water.
If you're concerned about heavy metals in the dialysis bag, check the data sheets that come with it. If you don't get the information you need, ask the manufacturer direct and ask for the numbers.