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SDS buffer - (Oct/16/2008 )

QUOTE (Doan Lan @ Jun 2 2002, 10:04 PM)
I have now running the SDS-PAGE for determining Rotavirus for my thesis and got a trouble. Using the 10% resolving gel and 3.5% stacking gel, but my bands were not sharp, they were blur and sometimes distorted. When I made the resolving gel and overlaid by distill water (about 500-600ul), after the gel got hard, I found a thin layer of water at the bottom of the hard gel. One more thing is sometimes my stacking gel could not be getting hard enough; it left a little bit water after got hard.
Is there anyone known about my problems, please help me. Thanks very much in advance. Here is my email address: [][/email]

Hi every body;

[i am new in SDS buffer preparation

i would like to prepare both the resolving & the stacking buffers &
i don't know which of them i will use, Tris base or Tris HCL

i hope u help me soon..& thank u very much


You can use both of them. Tris HCl contains HCl while with Tris base you will have to add HCl to get the right pH of the solutions. The pH is very important to get good results in your gels, the system is based on the different pH-values of the two gel systems