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Invitrogen's Negative control siRNA - (Oct/16/2008 )

Hi everyone,
I've used invitrogen stealth siRNA against my target gene which is giving 90% knockdown but the universal negative control (low GC content) they provided is interfering with expression of downstream genes of the pathway, therefore i've ordered another negative control from invitrogen with medium GC content. Has anyone faced a similar problem with universal negative control.
Any suggestions regarding using other universal negative control or can i use gene specific scrambled synthesized in our lab. This siRNA would not have chemical modification as in invitrogen's stealth siRNA.

Thank you.


in my experimnents I use LacZ or GFP siRNA as controls since I am interested to see whether the siRNA load will have any effect.


what about the negative control siRNA from Ambion?

They have a bunch of those


sorry I did not try any of them