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Looking for nucleotide sequence of rearranged antibody gene locus. - (Oct/15/2008 )

I'm trying to get the sequence of an rearranged antibody gene locus.

Specifically i need to find the sequence, either protein or nucleotide, of a part of an anti-CD41 or anti-CD42 a/b/c/d antibody.

In fact I can't seem to find antibody sequences in general except for conserved, consensus regions. Funny thing is i need the Variable heavy and light chains, more specifically even just the epitope binding sequences, short as they are.

Aside from creating a b cell line that produces antibody to CD41/42 and then cloning, PCR, and sequencing (which i don't want to do), what resources exist that can give me this information??



take a look at the IMGT website

good luck wink.gif