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Alternative to pIRES cloning - Looking for methods other than pIRES (Oct/17/2004 )

I am searching for literature on how to clone and transfect 2 genes simultaneously. Please help.
I am using pIRES vector to clone 2 genes and am looking for alternative protocols for this, besides cotransfection with 2 plasmids.


Hi, I currently also using the pIRES (from clontech/BD Biosciences) and have some problems with expressing proteins at the MCSB sites. Did you use the same source (from BD Biosciences) vector pIRES? did you have any problem in expressing the proteins in the MCSB sites?


You would need a second promoter-gene-pA cassette in your plasmid. MAny commercial vectors contain such a set-up, eg they contain one reporter cassette and use for your gene of interest. Search around for some of the invitrogen vectors as they may have what you are looking for.