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Immobilisation of Antibodies to Au ( Gold) surface - (Oct/08/2008 )

Actually I'm new here in this fourm wink.gif . I would like to get some information related to my research.
I would be greatly thankful, if any one on you can provide me with a protocol for immobilisation of antibodies to Gold surface.
what is the best agent for blocking the unattached antibodies?
which is better to use monoclonal antiboies or polyclonal?
what is the best pH for Y shape.

this protocol will be used for impedacne measurements based on coupling of antibody-antigen.




I believe Biacore product by GE uses gold film. They have info on immoblizing proteins to that surface.


I am fairly sure you can't couple anything directly to a gold surface. If they are sensing chips as the ones Biacore's use they come with different surface chemistries. You first need to know what kind of active groups you have on the surface of the chip. If there are amines or carboxyls you could probably use EDC/NHS. It's probably easiest if you contact the manufacturer - they most likely have standard protocols you can follow.