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Repairing wire in gel apparatus - (Sep/18/2008 )

Do anyone have the experience in repairing wire in gel running apparatus?
Recently a wire is broken and I'm trying to fix it by replacing the broken part with a new wire. It works but I can no longer run my gel exceed 10mA (the power pad automatically steady it at 10mA no matter how high the current I've set). I doubt it's related to the connection of the new wire. Anyone got any idea about that? what's the best way to attach the new wire?


You used platinum wire didn't you? Ordinary wire doesn't work in electrophoresis tanks.


It is always better to replace the full wire length rather than fixing only the broken part. This will lead to wavy gel pattern due to the difference in conductivity between the replaced new wire and the existing one. Also , you should use the platinum wire.


yeah i use platinum wire
let me try to replace to whole wire and see cool.gif