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How long can I store RNA at -20C? - (Sep/12/2008 )

I'm new at working with RNA and somebody just told me that I needed to store my RNA at -80C. But I didn't do that. I put my samples at -20C and two has been there for probably 2-4 weeks and one has been there since this afternoon. I'm planning on going tomorrow and put it at 80C. I reconstituted the RNA with RNAse free H2O. Is there any chance that I still have RNA? or I should give up any hope? How long will the RNA stay at -20C?


Your RNA should be fine if it is free of RNase. If you want to make sure it is still good, just run a regular agarose gel.


I would also say that you are OK. Try to use DEPC treated water just to be sure that it is RNAse free