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Magnetic beads in a QPCR rxn - (Sep/09/2008 )

Has anyone had any experiences with magnetic beads and QPCR.

I do DNA extractions with magnetic beads and use a magnet to remove the beads from the final eluant. I was wondering what might happen if the magnetic beads got left behind instead of removed. I figure the beads are inert so there should be no change in the QPCR reaction

Any thoughts?


These beads, are they from invitrogen? I am planning on using them myself.
Invitrogen claims that you can isolate mRNA with there magnetic beads with covalently bound oligo dT strains. And use the beads itself in the RT-PCR to make cDNA and do PCR in 1 step or 2 step protocol.
The beads do not interfere with the reaction.

Only when quantifing RNA with spectrophotometry the beads must be removed from the mRNA because they disturb the mesurement.