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DNA Vector - Stability at room-temperature? (Sep/01/2008 )


I have to remove endotoxins from my DNA vector preparation. Therefore I want to know how long is it possible to work at room-temperature without damaging the vector DNA?

thanks for suggestions


Depends if your DNA is in Water or TE buffer. TE buffer keeps your DNA stable longer. IN water you can probably leave the DNA for a few days without damaging. I assume everybody has different experiences. You can def. leave it overnight. A lot of people do overnight digests where you incubate your DNA at 37C (or more) over night. Hence, RT should be OK.
How long do you need to keep it at RT?


Assuming the DNA preparation was good, you can keep your vector DNA at room temperature for a long long time (days). However I would not tempt fate and would keep the vector DNA in an ice bucket if not in use. I would also aliquot the vector DNA if I am only using a small part of the entire tube.

I'll keep the DNA out of direct sunlight. I worry of UV damage (may just be paranoia on my part)