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choosing insect cell for high-cystine protein expression - (Oct/05/2004 )

The protein I am going to purify has a lot of cystine and I am going to use insect cell for protein expression to overcome the folding problem. LCR/MEL cell is available in my lab. But I found other insect cells such as Sf9, High Five are more popularly used. Could anybody tell me the difference between these cells and which one might be the best one for high-level protein expression?

Thank you.


Hi there!

we used stably transfected Drosophila-Schneider-2 cells for successful expression of a bacterial cysteine-rich protein. details are given in the paper:

Deml L, Aigner M, Eckhardt A, Decker J, Lehn N, Schneider-Brachert W.
Application of single-cell cultures of mouse splenocytes as an assay system to analyze the immunomodulatory properties of bacterial components.
Methods Mol Med. 2004;94:159-75.
PMID: 14959828