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sybr green vs sybr gold - (Aug/26/2008 )

Hey guys!

What are the main differences between sybr green and sybr gold?
I thought that the way they stain DNA is the same, but it seems that sybr gold is more sensitive. Am I right?
Any other difference? Can they be used with in the same applications???

I know that's a quite useless question...
Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


Any clue? happy.gif


the main difference is the color laugh.gif

sorry ila, i have no idea! biggrin.gif


laugh.gif Where is cellcounter and his vadlo site when you need him? We only use the green and not the gold Ila but I found this ref in Pubmed (at least it's for one application):
Clin Chem Lab Med. 2005 43(8):841-2.
Comparative analysis of the DNA staining efficiencies of different fluorescent dyes in preparative agarose gel electrophoresis.

and I suppose this is also a useless reply...but what the heck, it's Friday tongue.gif ...and it's nice to talk about green and gold....