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gDNA isolation and get a single band - what does it mean? (Aug/25/2008 )

Hi all,

I isolate DNA from B cells from mice lymph nodes by FACS using B220 antibodies and get a single band at around 5kbp to 10kbp. I wonder what does it mean? I was expecting some smear on the gel and it is just weird that i got a single band (with very little smear).

Thank you.



Why do you expect a smear on your gel for genomic DNA?
Genomic DNA is of high molecular weight and shouldn't travel much if at all on your agarose gel, if there is a smear, it is either sheared or degraded. 5-10kb isn't really high molecular weight (30-50kb is excellent) but might still be good enough for your application.
This is how good genomic DNA looks on a gel: