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Protein-protein-interaction - (Oct/02/2004 )

hey folks,
can anybody help me please, which one of these methods is the most efficient one to showing an ínteraction bwn 2 proteins?

*Yeast 2-hybrid-system
*affinity chromatography
* ??or do you have a better idea?

Immunohistochemically, we could show the colocalization between 2 membranproteins. The question is now: do these proteins interact with each other directly and therefore we get a colocalisationsignal or they are just in close neighbourhood of each other and due to this adjacency we get a signal. unsure.gif

which method have I to use in order to be able to prove the colocalisation?

thank you in advance


Far-Westernblotting, perhaps?



If you have the necessary antibodies to immunoprecipitate and blot, I would strongly suggest co-immunoprecipitation.

Simon cool.gif


Does anyone know of any techniques to crosslink associated proteins for subsequent co-iping? I seem to remember a UV-crosslinking chemical for protein-protein interactions, separate from a DNA-protein UV crosslinking assay. Thanks ahead of time!