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Sterilization technique for gel - (Aug/21/2008 )

I have two sterilization technique questions. First, I have a protein solution that needs to be sterilized, but will denature in the autoclave and is too viscous for filter sterilization. Second, I have hydrogels that need sterilization. I have thought of trying to sterilize via germicidal light. Has anyone tried this? Suggestions?


germicidal light? As in UV? Forget it. It doesn't penetrate well and isn't so great vs. spores.

For the protein - dilute until you can filter it.


any access to gamma sterilisation?

can the hydrogel be autoclave? like agarose gels.


Even if you had gamma (unliklely as that is), it's likely to have some effect on protein. In any case, you'd have to validate it did not - not an easy challenge. As for th hydrogel - if it's a commerical material, have you asked the supplier?

Tell us the application - perhaps we can identify parameters of time, etc. that maintain integrity of the materials and experiments without the need for sterilization per se.