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TRIZOL for protein extraction - any problem? (Aug/17/2008 )

TRIZOL claims to be the reagent that can extract all RNA, DNA and protein from same samples.

But I did not see too many researchers said they use TRIZOL for protein extraction.
Is there any problem extract protein using TRIZOL? huh.gif

I have used TRIZOL for RNA with no problem, but it will be first using for protein.
My next task requires exam both RNA and protein level from same sample, very limited samples.
It becomes necessary to get both RNA and protein from same sample at same time.

If there is problem on TRIZOL extraction, is there any other reagents or protocols can do both RNA and protein extraction from same sample at same time.



I've tried once to extract proteins from Trizol, and it did not work.. And everyone i have asked said the same thing. It seems that it is very difficult to do.


i've done as mentionned by the protocol and wasn't succesful. I try slight differenet protocol, but the proteins never resuspend...
So i would do by split by 2 your sample. Once for RNA and the other part for protein extraction.


In my case it worked well. I added TRIZOL in the cells, and by using the protocols which are available on the net I extracted RNA and then isolated the protein by acetone precipitation from the same sample. what protocols do you use? I think it works , or may be it depends on cell type.



TRIZOL didn't work for me too. Had no problems with RNA isolation. When I emailed their technical side for help, they replied once to verify the conditions I used and did not follow up after that despite repeated reminders from me.

Guess they themselves are aware of the problem too.