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please help me to be sure from design primer have it - (Aug/12/2008 )

please help me
if any one can help me ,how to be sure from one primer someone design it to me iis correct ,althought i have some program to design primer , can any software help me to be sure from the sequence i have it


check the sequence with blast nucleotide (pubmed) it will tell you all the sequence that are similar to it


Hi Vector NTI is the best choice for you , insert complete sequence to this softwware and find place where it hybridize, you can create primer in this software and other things. I have designed multiple primers and all work
good luck


Check out free tools for PCR Primer on the internet


Oligo Calc: Oligonucleotide Properties Calculator

The first one good at picking primers. Second one helpful for analysing the Primers for Tm, Dimers or hair pins, etc

All the best