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Experience with protein G dynabeads? - (Aug/11/2008 )

Dear all,
I have a question regarding the use of Dynabeads protein G from Invitrogen. I'm not sure if anyone has tried this before, when you finished binding the antibody to protein G, say if you want to store your protein G-antibody complex for later use, what kind of buffer would be the best one to use? Would it be okay if I just dissolve the whole thing in the washing buffer like Citrate-Phosphate pH 5 with 0.1% Tween in the -4? Would the antibody dissociate if I keep it in the solution for a length of time?

Thanks a lot


I use just use PBS pH around 7.


We also use PBS, but add 0.01-0.1% Tween-20 to prevent aggregation of beads with immobilized Ig or protein.

For long time storage it could be a good idea to add NaN3. Also, make sure your antibody can tolerate storage at 4 degrees over time :-)