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RNA gel - too many bands?? (Aug/11/2008 )

Hi everyone

I prepare RNA from SAME human cell line with different treatment (as attached image in 1% agarose gel).

Lane 3 is kind of like no treatment control, from 18S and 28S ratio, I think my RNA is OK.
Because I using Trizol, I believe that the band around 100 bp actually is small RNA (microRNA) and/or tRNA.

Now can anyone tell me what are those bands in lane 2 (4 bands)?

Previously, I have RNA also appear multi-bands on gel, and I did not find anything wrong (at least for my target genes) after RT-PCR.

Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks


I think you need to provide much more experimental details if you want an answer. What exactly is going on in each lane??


Plus do you use DNase in your preps? Do your primers span introns? Are there splice variants?

-Chris W-

Sorry more deltail here.

The image is RNA (0.75~0.8 ug each lane) on 1% agarose gel.
RNA purify by TRIZOL.

I haven't done anything to this, and there are only RNA loaded into gel.

All RNA are from same cell line but diffeerent treatment.

This image is NOT RT-PCR product. All we expect to see is 28S and 18S bands, but few more bands come out.
Now I would like to what are those additional bands.