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Nuclear fraction marker for Western Blots - (Aug/08/2008 )

This is my first posting in this forum, I hope someone can help me.
I'm doing studies about a protein that shuttle between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. I'm therefore looking for good controls for SDS-Page/Western Blots for the cytoplasmic and the nuclear fraction of my cells. It seems that for the cytoplasm beta-tubulin is the gold standard. However, for the nuclear fraction, the case seems to be not so clear, suggested nuclear controls include lamin A/C, Histone H4, Rb and p84.

Does anyone have any experience with nuclear fraction controls for Western blots? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot !


you may use tubulin for cytoplasmic, myc PCNA Nucleolin - nuclear only, sutructural protein- or histone H1 for nuclear..


we use Lamin A/C and Prohibitin as control markers for the nuclear and the cytosolic fraction respectively. If you wanna have a closer look, I am attaching our paper published in Journal of Biotechnology in 2006.

Good Luck


Thanks to both of you. I'll try Lamin A/C. Hope it'll work,


Hello TRM,
I was wondering if Lamin A/C worked for you??

Best Regards