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Nail Varnish - (Jul/28/2008 )


I am trying to use nail varnish for sealing my sample but it always seem that after a few days, the fluoresence dye (DIL, lipophilic cyanine) seem to bleach out. I am using PVA as a mountant.

Is nail varnish suitable as sealing agent in this case? Any other sealing agent(best if it could be easily available) I could use?



I know it is a basic thing, but fluorescent dyes should be kept in the dark and cold (4-(-20) C). I have no experience with the dyes you are using.


nail varnish is perfect

bleaching will be cos of light not sealant


QUOTE (Dominic @ Jul 28 2008, 06:18 AM)
nail varnish is perfect

bleaching will be cos of light not sealant

Does interaction with oxygen would cause this problem?


the reason you use the mountant is to prevent excess refraction of light between coverslip and slide (its the same reason you use oil on the lens) - i would never let an immuno slide dry once i start but thats cos i want best linkage between epitope - antibody - secondary - fluorochrome

oxygen may reduce effectiveness but so may electrocuting it ( i dont do either)

i think you should look elsewhere for your solution

keep em in the dark (kitchen foil works wonders) and chilled - and dont bleach them as you view them (like all things in science - the act of observation changes the results - the light used to view will also destroy the viewed material)



Is it possible to use a different fluorophore? We've had really good experiences w/ the Alexa ones.
Also you have different kinds of mounting media that are antifade, if you want to save your sample for a longer period of time. But again, keeping them in the dark and the act of viewing your slides, will bleach.