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Can i use old standard curve to determine gene concentration? - (Jul/25/2008 )

Hi there!

I am a newby in RT PCR, I do hope you can help me with my problem. I have a good standard curve from my standard dilution in one experiment (lets say experiment A), but recently, I run my sample without putting the standard dilution (in experiment cool.gif. I really have the expected result (the downregulation of certain genes), but I dont know the concentration since I didnt put the standard dilution in that running. Can I make use of my old standard curve in experiment A to know the concentration of my sample in experiment B? I use LC480 RT PCR system.

Thanks before!


if you included a calibrator in both runs and the Cts are the same maybe you can assume the samples would be the same then you can compare. but if you don't include anything that should be the same between 2 runs and you need the exact concentration (not only Cts) then I'm sorry you can't use the data without the standard curve.