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Can Triton be used for 2D PAGE - Detergent compatibility for 2D PAGE (Jul/22/2008 )

Curious if anyone had an opinion about using Triton-X100 in a solubilization buffer for 2D PAGE?

Right now the recipe I have calls for 8MUrea/2M Thiourea/4% CHAPS, but we don't have the CHAPS in stock right now. If not Triton, could you suggest another detergent, or perhaps whether I could just leave out the detergents all together. Cheers!-JAH

P.S. Sample is a derived from cartilage tissue, so I have lots of collagen and Proteoglycans in the sample.


No, it needs to be zwitterionic, so that you are not changing the pI of the proteins. CHAPS is the only zwitterionic detergent I know, any other ones are probably even harder to get. I wouldn't leave out the detergent, so would suggest that you wait until yours arrive.