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Na Acetate Buffer calculation - (Jul/21/2008 )

Dear All

I want to prepare 25 mM sodium acetate buffer pH 4.5. can anyone give the
exact composition of how to prepare it. we prepare it using sodium acetate
and acetic acid combination. i am not able to arrive at the calculatation
correctly, so if anyone can explain me with the above buffer how to
calculate. and what sodium acetate [Anhydrous / trihydrate] and acetic acid
[glacial/ plain] to use.

Thanks in anticipation


It's your lucky day! biggrin.gif

15.44 mL of 1M acetic acid
31.86 mL of 0.3M sodium acetate
water up to 1L

How I did it? Very simple - I used BufferMaker software! biggrin.gif