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Transfer buffer - (Jul/21/2008 )

Has any one know how many times I can use my transfer buffer?
In secont trial of using my transfer buffer it does not work. Do you know what could be the reason?


What transfer buffer? Towbins?

This is for Towbins.
If you transfer fast, i.e. 100 V or above, then I wouldn't re-use. Generally best to only re-use if you transfer overnight at around 35V.


We don't reuse our transfer buffer neither. Since it contains methanol, the methanol/water ratio would ne be the same since methanol is really volatile.


3 - 5 times

-Minnie Mouse-

We don't reuse our transfer buffer .


Do not reuse in semi-dry transfer

Do reuse in tank transfer...3 - 5 times

-Minnie Mouse-