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isolation of organisms from sample - (Jul/15/2008 )


i have sample with organisms and some other things (uneaten food and some other stuff). i would like to get a clean sample of my organisms. i tried to use different mesh in order to get 1 fraction of organisms and the other thigs will be in different size- but all of the sample is in the same size. i tried to use sucrose gradient- but apperently the food and the animals are at the same density...

do you have any suggestions???

thanks in advance


QUOTE (tamar @ Jul 15 2008, 12:26 PM)
do you have any suggestions???

maybe you can tell us more about your animals?



I work with rotifers- small invertebrate live in water (if anyone interested: ). I feed them with algae, but after few days the algae (which in a poor quality- which I want) begin to create aggregation, and this aggregation reaches the size of my rotifers (~120um). As I said before I tried with sucrose gradient, and from 8 tubes (4 ependorfs and 4 15ml tubes) I tried only one had a separation, all of the other 7 did not.


See if you find some info in these links:


did not find there, but it is a very cool web site! thanks


if you let the culture go longer will the algae aggregate be bigger than the rotifer?

if so, then you can separate them on the sucrose gradient.

or will the rotifer die (of starvation?)?