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what is the relationship between basepair and nano gram? - (Jul/11/2008 )

plz help me and provide me with a relation ship between base pair and nanogram.

i need to find the conc. of DNA in each band shown here-



Some ladders come come with the information about the concentration of each band. If it is not available in the catalogue or the insert booklet, the best way to figure it out would be to call up invitrogen tech support.

But, estimating the concentration of your sample based on a gel is extremely subjective. A better way would be to use a nanodrop, spectrometer or picogreen assay.

Good Luck!


U cannot quantify the DNA, unless u have the quantification ladder... these ladders have the quantified DNA and based on this, u can compare it with ur DNA sample, by running it alongside and know the amount of DNA in urs either by seeing with the naked eye (approximate) or with help of the programs in the geldoc system.. the quantification ladder will be bit costly than the normal one...