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How to change Blunt End to sticky ? - (Jul/06/2008 )

My cDNA can be cut by EcoRV and I want to clone it in pBI121 using BamHI on vector. How can I change the Blunt end to sticky.... or should I change the sticky end on vector to blunt using Klenow ?! ( that would be hard to clone )

-Smart Clonner-

Look up the term "linker" and that's what you would need to use (you can make them yourself using oligonucleotides) if you wanted to clone into the BamHI site. You could blunt clone the insert as well, that would probably be easier because your insert already has the required ends. What would be easier still is if you used a restriction enzyme that created sticky ends rather than blunt ends because blunt ends are always going to be more difficult to work with.

Good luck, Rob