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lux gene cloning using Sal I as restriction enzyme - (Jul/01/2008 )

i badly need help.kinda desperate already.
how many fragments will there be when Sal I performs restriction enzyme digestion on vibrio fischeri?
and..what range of restriction fragment sizes are generated from the Sal I digestion of vibrio fischeri DNA?
please answer report is going down the drain already and i have to salvage it.
thank you very much happy.gif


Hallo, this is about mathematical statistics, SalI has restriction site compound of 6bp GTCGAC builted from 4 nucleotides. So theoreticaly 6 with exponent 4 give 1296 and it means that each 1296bp can be presented salI site. And if genom is long 5Mb(as E. coli) it can by there 3858 times presented and if you cut genomic DNA it result in smear.
Download genom of your organism from pubmed and vector nti can answer your question