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HELP- Can I get RNA out from samples now? - RNAse free pipette tips (Jun/27/2008 )

I am new to PCR, and I have some valuable samples to take out the RNA from (cells). I have scraped them in TRIZOL and now they are sitting at -80. The thing is I forgot to use RNAse free pipette tips while putting the TRIZOL in. I used just simple autoclaved tips. Can my samples be saved now? Does nyone have experience with this? How much RNA would have degraded? Please help, these samples were very valuable.


should make no difference. compared to the putative spurious amount of RNases on your pipet tip there are tons of RNases released from the cells you just have lysed with the trizol and those RNases are also instantly inactivated by trizol.

-Ned Land-