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The best way for RNA extraction from cells in RNAlater? - TRI Reagent or RNeasy or something else? (Jun/16/2008 )

I need to extract RNA from cells that are separated from the whole blood by magnetic beads (Dynal) and stored in RNAlater. I have no previous experience with RNAlater (till now I stored the cells in RLT buffer from Qiagen kits). Shall I use TRI Reagent (Ambion) or RNeasy kit (Qiagen) for RNA extraction? Does anyone have a personal experience with RNA isolation after RNAlater storage? I switched from RLT buffer storage/RNeasy extraction to RNAlater Solution storage because I had very low RNA yields.
Thanks a lot!


I used RNeasy Kit from QIagen and they work just fine. But just be careful when using the kit, like using RNAase zap or something like that. I am always very paranoid working with RNA. About degradation etc. Good luck!