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RNA/protein Isolation - Is there some good KIT or ...? (Sep/14/2004 )

I am looking for some kit to isolate RNA and proteins from the same sample..Could anybody give me some advice? I heard about PARIS kit from Ambiom..has anybody some experience with it or any other suggestion? thanks in advance


I know about Trizol, from Invitrogen, but I've only ever used it for RNA extraction. I'm not sure how efficient it is at protein extraction, but they do provide a protocol for it.


We routinely use TriReagent from MRC. I have used it to isolate RNA and then DNA from the same samples. One of my colleagues has tried isolating protein (the last step) too, and could get some protein for western. There is a detailed protocol coming with the product for isolating RNA, DNA and protein from the same sample.


Myself and a colleague are using PARIS at the moment. It is excellent for cell culture samples, however I am having a few problems with kidney tissue samples. Has anyone isolated RNA from kidney using this method. I am getting 20 fold less RNA than I have been with Promega's SV RNA isolation kit. Any suggestions welcomed.