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mRNA extraction - (Jun/05/2008 )


Is it a universal rule that ALL mRNA contain poly(A) tails?
If this particular mRNA doesn't have poly(A) tails, i assume that PolyATract from promega doesn't work on it. (some1 correct me if i'm wrong).
Does anyone know of a particular kit that able to extract all the mRNA in the cells in terms of time savings and high yield of mRNA.



Ambion is one of companies leading in RNA field. Try using Ambion kit


histone mRNA doesnt contain polyA tails

-Ned Land-

Most bacterial mRNA does not contain a poly A tail. You can extract total RNA then selectively remove the ribosomal RNA; there are beads that have complementary DNA sequences to the rRNA on the surface, intended to bind rRNA and remove it from total RNA preps. This may not be necessary, in many cases.