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PVDF - western protocl with PVDF (Sep/10/2004 )

Hi guys!

I'm new to this field and started to use PVDF for western blot recently. Now I would like to know the western blot protocol with PVDF, especially the recipe of stripping buffer for PVDF. I also would like to know if stripping buffer for NC work on it or not. Because last time when I stripped PVDF with my stripping buffer, I could not dye it with fast green after stripping at all. Is this mean PVDF lost all of proteins?????
Any suggestions are welcome!

The recipe for my stripping buffer is below:
2% SDS
62.5 mM Tris base
7.8 uL/mL b-mercaptoethanol



we use 0.6M NaOH to strip the PVDF membrane.