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RPC column pore size versus protein size - (May/29/2008 )

Another question regarding a column for RPC protein purification.
The size of pores is one of the column parameter. The pore size is given in angstrom (symbol Å). I want to use for RPC protein purification a C4 column with pore size of 300Å . One of my protein is 120kDa. Is the size of pores for 120kDa protein suitable, i.e., are pores not too small? I suppose that, if I would use the column with too small pores, the protein would not pass through the column. I have found information at one company, that the pore size of 250Å means the exclusion limit of 200,000 Da (it was C18 column), but on the other hand someone from other company recommended me 300Å pores (at a C4 column) for proteins not bigger than 70kDa. What is right (correct information)? And what is your experience?

Thanks in advance.


try it.

should work.

if not, then you can try non-porous.