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Santa Cruz antibody - (May/28/2008 )

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One thing I've learned, is that any given company, generally speaking, cannot be classified as good or bad. Specially in WB, the abs vary A LOT from one company to another, from one ab to another in the same company, or even from the same antibody, but from lot to lot.

I guess the only way to know if an ab is good, it to ask about this specific one.


QUOTE (timjim @ Jun 18 2008, 10:10 AM)
How about the Cell Signalling?

I loooove cell cignalling so far. wub.gif

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oh you Americans are so lucky, I envy you.


why americans? I am not an american. =)


QUOTE (Curtis @ Jun 28 2008, 11:56 PM)
oh you Americans are so lucky, I envy you.

I like your avatar-) Where are you from? To tell you the truth I'm not american cool.gif

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