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diluition 1:2 for standard curve - (May/27/2008 )

Hi guys,
i'd like using the DCCt method to analyze my sample. My GOI's interest is low expressed, i did several standard curve and i found the best result by 1:2 diluition, the other diluition didn't give the good slope and efficiency as 1:2 (the HK's efficiency is the same for all diluition). Do you guys think i can use the DDct method even if i do only 1:2 diluition to calculate the efficiency?
Thanks a lot


This reply comes a bit late, and you have probably found an answer by now.

I see no problem with 1:2 dilutions and the caluculation. It is more a question of how many dilutions you need to cover the range of DNA dilution where your samples are.