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gelatin zymography - (May/19/2008 )

hi all,
i'm trying to see if my protein has protease activity and stumbled on this protocol is this protocol suitable as i have read other papers and is not the same as this?
ALSO i have everything i need to start today except Brij 35. would it be possible to leave this out or substitute for another detergent say tritionX??? any ideas? your help is much appreciated.


this is one of several methods for zymography. this one may work for you or it may not. it may be worth a try.

as for replacing brij-35, it is always better to find out if a method works the way it is written before trying modifications. try to find some brij-35 in another lab if you can't order any.


See if the first method here works for ya:

So far as I can see, it doesn't use Brij-35, in case your Brij-35 is back-ordered and your neighbors are not laid-back. smile.gif