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polyclonal vs monoclonal - (May/17/2008 )

Hi everyone...just trying to wrap my head around antibody stuff... unsure.gif

polyclonal antibodies are primarily igg - produced from B cells, correct?

what are monoclonal considered to be as far as class...igg, igm, igy? thanks!


both poly n monoclonal antibodies are igGs n produced from B cells,

polyclonal has more than one subclasses
monoclonal has sigle subclass, as it is derived from single clone.

u donot find any other types except igM, but the presence igM depends on immunization schedule.



Monoclonals are produced from a hybridoma - a fusion of a b-cell taken from an animal that has been challenged by an antigen, and a myeloma cancer cell. They are essentially immortal and only produce one type of antibody.