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How to fix preimplantation mouse embryos? - (May/13/2008 )

Hi Guys!

I already do IF in mouse oocyte and embryos using nunc plates to incubate and after the hole procedure I mount the slides.
But, now I need to fix them onto slide before the IHC for ROS and TUNEL, because I'll send them to other lab wich only do "slide procedure". I'd tryed to fix with PFA 4% or Formol 2% and after I put them on a silane pre-coated slide, but after it dryed, the specimens were horrible!

My sample is so small, and I can't lost anyone.

What can I do?



I think you should try sending the embryos to other lab in PBS in a nunc plate after fixation, and let them do the slide or nunc procedure. Or just try it at your place, what is the big deal?


Dear cellcounter,

Thank you, I've already soved the problem. Today I showed the slides to the prof. lab. And the embryos fixed in formaline 2% were OK to the procedure.

Thank you again, wink.gif